10 single plant support metal rod Plant Flower Stem Gardening Supports natural rusty unvarnished allotment garden

Handcrafted Single stem metal plant support - Pack of 10     ONLY  £1.20 each !

Made at our forge in North Lincolnshire.  Best sellers at the garden shows we attend .  Our customers tell us they are extremely handy with many uses in the garden and allotments
Made from unvarnished 6mm natural solid steel rod they soon gain a delightful rusty patina which blends in with the plant it is supporting.
Length 65cm / 25.5"  .  Loop diameter 8.5cm / 3.5"       
Approx measurements - each one may be a little different as they are cut and made by hand.
If you require more or less please contact us  for postage costs etc. and we will send a Paypal invoice by email.

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