Snowdrops - set of 3 Flower sculpture metal

Spring into Summer by adding a beautiful set of our handcrafted snowdrops.

Made, designed and painted by Stefanos.

The delicate yet strong metal flower petal head  2.5cm/1.2" is handcrafted into shape and coated in a white, enamel paint.

The sculptured leaf 15cm/6" has been hammered into shape and textured by hand. It is coated with an enamel, green paint creating a long lasting finish which shimmers in the sunlight.

The solid stems are made from 5.5mm steel with a 20cm/8" stake which secures the snowdrop securely into the ground.

Overall height 40cm/16". 

You are purchasing a set of 3 snowdrop stems each with 1 flower per stem. Each snowdrop may differ slightly as they are handmade.

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