Mushroom sculpture with owl on spiral base. Toadstool. Bird. Garden stake

Mushroom garden sculpture with owl .......


A quirky hand beaten garden stake toadstool (mushroom)  

Made from sheet metal  the bendy stem (50cmcm/19")  is hollow with a (10m/ 4") solid stake attached to secure into the ground.

The tactile umbrella style cap approx. 23cm/9"  diameter - again hand beaten into shape  with protruding spots and great texture. Protected lightly with a satin varnish.

The base of the stem hosts a beautiful little owl sitting under the toadstool. . The owl head originally a 5cm/2" sphere.  A beak has been carved into the metal. The eyes have been shaped on the forge and cute, wire talons are added as the owl perches onto the attractive, hand twisted coiled base. Texture has been given to the owl head and the wings which flow behind. A little tail is hidden beneath the wings.

Robin, dragonfly, butterfly and bee also available - see separate listings


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